Remove Your Invisalign Tray The Easy Way

Invisalign offers those who might need braces an alternative way to get straight teeth. While traditional metal braces can be uncomfortable and unattractive, Invisalign braces are clear and can be removed for cleaning. Removing the tray for cleaning is important and the tips below should have you calmly removing your Invisalign tray quickly and efficiently.

Is it Stuck?

No, it's not stuck—but it can feel that way. In many cases, the trays must be molded to fit closely so that they can do a good job of straightening your teeth. Another issue that can occur with the tray is that it becomes tight due to the natural and unconscious element of suction. It's important to be calm because the tray can be removed if you make the right moves. Simply follow the tips below.

Prepare to Remove the Tray

Your tray is very likely wet (as it should be) and may be very slippery. That can only make matters worse if you are trying to get a hold of it to remove it. Try using a paper towel on your fingers as you grasp the tray. You may also want to consider using a latex (or the like) glove for an even better grip on the tray.

Removing it the Correct Way

It's only natural to begin at the front when trying to remove a tray but that seldom works well. Instead, reach towards the back of the tray and try to get a finger underneath the back of the tray. Once that area comes loose, the rest of the tray will likely follow.

Something Warm to Drink

You don't necessarily need to have a cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa, but almost anything that is warm (not too hot) will do the trick. When your tray is warmed, it will become flexible and may be easier to remove. Be careful not to burn your mouth using hot water or anything else. It can take a bit more time to remove your Invisalign tray using this method so be patient.

Use a Hook

You can purchase hooks expressly made for the purpose of safely and easily removing Invisalign trays from your mouth. They are known by various names and are widely available on the Invisalign site along with Amazon. These hooks are great for anyone who is unable to remove their trays following the above suggestions.

If you continue to have issues with removing your tray for cleaning, speak to your dentist. They might be able to make some adjustments or offer more suggestions. Speak to a dentist such as Koehn Dentistry & Aesthetics to find out more about invisible braces.