Allergic To Titanium And Need Dental Implants? Try Ceramic Implants Instead

Although it's a rare occurrence, some people experience allergic reactions to titanium. If you have allergies to titanium and need dental implants, you may wonder if there are other options to replace your missing teeth. A dentist may offer you ceramic dental implants to replace your missing front and back teeth. The material used to make ceramic dental implants is organic, resistant to rust and bonds well with human tissues. Here's more information about ceramic dental implants. Read More 

Treating A Tooth With A Periapical Abscess And A Deep Cavity

Cavities form within a tooth when bacteria soften and erode the hard dentin layer. Deep cavities can permeate the tooth and interfere with the health of the pulp, which is an organic material made of tissues, blood cells, and nerves that fill the root canal in the tooth's center. Cavity and pulp damage can lead to a dental infection, which threatens the life of the tooth. A dental infection can also spread into the surrounding gum tissue and form a periapical abscess. Read More 

Recovering after the Holidays: Healthy Tips for You

When the holiday season has come and gone, you'll find yourself able to resume your regular life and start taking care of your health and well-being again. While you may have neglected needed appointments and other seemingly individualistic or "selfish" tasks to focus on your family holiday events and activities, you can now make yourself a priority again. Get to know some of the ways that you can best recover after the holidays and make your health a priority once more. Read More 

Halitosis: When Morning Breath Lasts All Day Long

Everyone experiences halitosis, also known as bad breath, at times. One of the most common times for this unpleasant malady to occur is first thing in the morning. While you sleep, saliva production slows down and allows the bacteria to feast on the plaque in your mouth all night. The aftereffects of this partying lead to what is commonly known as morning breath. While this is completely normal, bad breath should not last all day long. Read More 

Avoid Bad Breath While Using Invisalign

Many people who need their gaps closed, an underbite or overbite repaired, or crowded teeth spaced properly choose clear aligners, such as Invisalign, instead of the traditional metal braces. Since the aligners have a snug fit and cover your teeth fully, halitosis can be a problem if you don't practice the correct oral hygiene. Causes of Halitosis When Wearing the Aligners Bits of food get stuck between your teeth when you eat. Read More