Why You Should Keep Older Kids On Your Dental Plan

These days it can be a lot harder for young adults to get started and be secure in the adult world. More and more young adults are living at home during and after college and are having a hard time getting their careers started. Because of this, things like dental insurance is also something that can be lacking in young adult's lives. In 2010, The Affordable Care Act put forth the policy that young adults can stay on their parent's insurance until the age of 26. Here are four reasons helping your child over the age of 18 stick with a dental plan is beneficial in the long-run.

1. Preventative Care

Preventative work can make all of the difference, especially for a young adult just starting out. If someone between the ages of 18-26 skips the dentist because they don't have insurance, this can lead to bigger problems down the road.

2. Keeping Good Dental Habits

The habit to go to the dentist as an adult needs to be kept up. If young adults take a break from visiting the dentist, it will be harder for them to pick this back up. If dental check-ups can consistently occur throughout one's life they will be less likely to stop going later on in life.

3. Dental Exams Can Catch other Diseases

Nutritional deficiencies and even cancer can be caught in the dental chair. The things that a dentist looks out for aren't just tooth and gum related. A young adult might think they are fine if they feel healthy and their teeth aren't bothering them, but there might be other issues that only a check-up can catch.

4. Cleanings for Your Gums and Oral Health

Going to the dentist isn't just about exams and looking for problems. Dental cleanings will get rid of built up tarter and protect gums from receding. Young adults shouldn't start out their adult lives with weakened gums or issues with their teeth purely because of skipped cleanings.

You might feel that as a parent that there are things that kids need to figure out on their own. If you can help them keep on a schedule to visit a dentist, such as Access Dental, it is worth it to step in and still be the parent. If you cannot cover your child, you might want to work with them to purchase private dental insurance, or pay for visits out-of-pocket to keep dental visits a priority for your adult child.