What Does A Toothache Mean?

When you have a toothache, it can mean one of several things. A visit to your dentist is the only true way for you to learn what is causing the pain in your tooth. However, until you are able to get in to see your dentist, you may find the following information helpful in understanding what may be causing your tooth to ache.

Tooth decay – Your teeth have three layers, including the enamel on the outer layer, the dentin which is the middle layer, and the pulp which makes up the center of your tooth. When the layers of your tooth is damaged by acids, it can lead to tooth decay. This decay can lead to a cavity that comes in the form of a hole in your tooth. The cavity can cause the sensitive part of your tooth to become exposed, and this will lead to a toothache.

Tooth fracture – You can fracture your teeth many ways. They can become injured from an impact, or when you bite down on a piece of hard food the wrong way. When a tooth is fractured, it will lead to damages to the different layers of your tooth and this can lead to pain and sensitivity.

Tooth abscess – A tooth abscess is caused by an infection that sets in at the tooth's root or between your tooth and your gum. Some of the reasons you can get an abscessed tooth include trauma, a cavity or gum disease. Along with tooth pain an abscessed tooth can also lead to a fever, bad breath, swollen glands, and an odd taste in your mouth.

Teeth grinding – Grinding your teeth at night can cause you to experience a toothache in one or more of your teeth during the daytime. It can also cause you to suffer from headaches and it will grind down your teeth which can lead to more serious dental problems.

Bad filling – If you have a filling that is no longer fitting correctly, then it can cause you to experience a pain in that tooth.

One thing that all of the above dental issues have in common is they all require a visit to your dentist in order for you to have them taken care of. When your tooth hurts it is telling you there is a problem and you want to make sure you listen and go in to seek treatment.

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