3 Myths About Root Canals Exposed

It is normal to have a little bit of fear about root canals. You may have heard about how they can be painful, take a long time to perform, and may not even save the tooth. In order to feel comfortable about getting a root canal done, you must know the truth behind these 3 myths.

Your Tooth Will Have To Eventually Be Pulled

While it is true that a tooth with a root canal may need to be extracted later in life, it is not always necessary. The goal of root canals is preventing the need to remove teeth. The dentist will remove the diseased and dead pulp and nerves to prevent the infection from spreading, and seal the tooth.

In fact, removal is not always the best alternative, which is why root canals are done. If you can avoid removing a natural tooth, you are better off doing so. A root canal is less invasive than getting a dental implant to fix the gap, and keeping the natural tooth will keep your surrounding teeth healthy. A gap could cause your teeth to shift over time, which will cause other problems with your teeth.

A Root Canal Will Hurt

Root canals will relieve the pain and discomfort from the infection in your tooth. Thanks to modern anesthesia, the amount of pain you will feel should be kept to a minimum. There will be discomfort from having the procedure performed, but pain is not to be expected.

What many people do feel is tension and fear during a root canal procedure, which can easily turn that discomfort into pain in their minds. That is why you need to be relaxed. If pain is a concern to you, speak with a dentist about what can be done to help minimize the chance of experiencing pain.

A Root Canal Will Require Several Dentist Visits

A typical root canal can be done in a single visit. A dentist will request a follow up inspection, but it is only to make sure that everything is healing properly. While there is a possibility that a root canal will take more than one visit to do, a dentist should know based on the x-rays of the tooth prior to performing the procedure.

Nobody wants to get a root canal, but it's necessary for the health of your teeth. Now that you know the truth behind these 3 myths, you will get you infected tooth fixed sooner rather than later. For more information, contact a specialist like Washington Township Dental Associates.