Are Your Brace-Facing Your Competition At Work? Tips To Clean Your Braces While At Work

The underlying health of your teeth is important, but repairing the overall look of your teeth with orthodontic care is a smart investment. Considering a healthy and attractive smile can increase your self-esteem and confidence, choosing to get braces as an adult can be a smart move for your career. Unfortunately, food can easily wedge in between your traditional metal braces, making you feel self-conscious, especially when around your coworkers. If you are part of the 1 million Americans 18 years of age and older with braces, consider using these tips to clean your braces at work.

Have Patience

If you work long hours and seem to stay busy throughout the workday, you may feel there is not enough time to spend on your oral hygiene. However, your braces require a thorough cleaning after each meal to ensure that your teeth remain clean and healthy while wearing braces. Have patience during the cleaning process or you will face coworkers, clients, and competitors with food in your teeth.

When scheduling lunch meetings, be sure to add an extra 10 minutes into your schedule for oral hygiene. Before heading back to your office, visit the restroom and spend a good amount of time brushing and flossing. This will prevent food from building up in between the metal brackets.

Spending these extra few minutes may seem overly time-consuming, but having patience will keep your braces clean and attractive.

Build a Kit

Properly cleaning your teeth and braces requires special tools, but you may not have these specialty items at work. When you first receive your braces, build a kit inside your briefcase, purse, or laptop case. Be sure to include the following tools:

  • Toothbrush and Paste – Carry a small toothbrush and your favorite toothpaste in your kit so you can brush your teeth after each meal.
  • Flossers – Disposable flossing tools are great option for quick cleanings. These tools are able to reach between your teeth, but also under and in between the wires of your braces.
  • Picks – Disposable dental picks are also must-have tools for your cleaning kit. If food is stuck under or over the brackets of your braces, you can use the pick to remove the stubborn residue. If possible, search for disposable flossers that offer a dental pick tool on the opposite end. This will decrease the amount of items you need to carry.

Braces can be a great investment for your health, appearance and career, since they can improve your bite, straighten your teeth and build your self-esteem. However, removing food from the braces after each meal is imperative. Using these tips, you can avoid facing your competition with food in your braces.

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