3 Everyday Ways To Improve Your Oral Health

Taking care of your oral health helps to boost your overall health and sense of wellness. Further, taking care of your oral health helps to ensure that you have a beautiful smile supported by healthy gums, and you do not have to worry about having rampant bad breath due to an oral infection. Going to the dentist twice a year for checkups and cleanings helps you to maintain good oral health. You can also take small steps with your daily habits and diet to help benefit your oral health. Here are three small, everyday ways to improve your oral health.

Increase your intake of citrus fruits.

Oranges, grapefruits, mangoes, and cuties can improve your oral health. Citrus fruits have high concentrations of vitamin C. This essential nutrient can help improve your gum health by boosting your immune system. A study revealed that low levels of vitamin C in the bloodstream were linked to higher incidence of gingivitis. It appears that higher serum levels of vitamin C can disrupt colonization of the bacteria that causes gingivitis. Participants in the study who had sources of vitamin C in their diet reported less bleeding upon probing and less sore gum tissue, two of the hallmark signs of gingivitis.

Drink tooth-staining beverages through a straw.

It is common knowledge that certain foods and beverages can stain your teeth and that their sugary content can increase your risk for tooth decay. Keep your teeth out of the line of fire by using drinking straw when you decide to enjoy soda and coffee. You get to enjoy all the of the sweet taste of your beverage without putting your porous enamel at risk of becoming discolored.

Carry a travel-sized toothbrush with you to work.

You should brush your teeth at least twice a day.  Brushing more often can also be beneficial, especially after you have a very sugary or acidic meal. Having a travel-sized toothbrush in your bag or in your desk at work makes it easy for you to take care of your oral health even when you are away from home. If you are unable to brush your teeth after a meal away from home, you should at least drink a large glass of water to help dilute the negative effects of sugar that is left behind on your teeth. Some bottled water is also reinforced with fluoride, which can help fortify your tooth enamel.

For more tips to help you take better care of your teeth, talk to a dentist, such as Simmons Craig A D D S.