Avoid Bad Breath While Using Invisalign

Many people who need their gaps closed, an underbite or overbite repaired, or crowded teeth spaced properly choose clear aligners, such as Invisalign, instead of the traditional metal braces. Since the aligners have a snug fit and cover your teeth fully, halitosis can be a problem if you don't practice the correct oral hygiene.

Causes of Halitosis When Wearing the Aligners

Bits of food get stuck between your teeth when you eat. The clear aligners must always be taken out of your mouth before eating to avoid damaging them. Therefore, if you don't brush your teeth after each snack or meal, once you replace the aligners they seal the food against your teeth and may even push it further into the crevices. Without adequate oral hygiene, bacteria begin to grow and this results in foul-smelling breath.

Wise Habits that Prevent the Foul Smell

Remove the clear braces from your mouth before eating. Always brush your teeth well after enjoying your food. Before replacing the clear aligners in your mouth, clean them also. Do this with the cleaner that came with the aligners or simply use your toothbrush and warm water. Another effective way to clean the clear plastic aligners is to use a denture-cleaning tablet. Doing this once a day while you are eating a meal at home keep your aligners sanitary and helps prevent bad breath.  Rinse the aligners well before putting them back in your mouth.

Other Wise Habits to Use with the Aligners

It is important that you do not drink anything except water with the clear aligners in your mouth. If you must drink a dark carbonated beverage or tea without removing them, use a straw. This helps prevent discoloration on the aligners. If possible, rinse your aligners and your mouth after drinking the dark beverage. This helps remove the sugar and other ingredients from your mouth and helps keep your breath fresh. Smoking is another habit that is not advisable, because it can also stain the clear plastic. Avoid chewing gum while wearing the aligners. Pieces of the sticky gum will adhere to the aligners and this may make them difficult to clean and attract bacteria.

People who invest in teeth straightening often do so to obtain a beautiful smile. A case of halitosis will detract from the positive effects you are striving to achieve. Taking steps to prevent bad breath also helps prevent tooth decay and the expensive dental work necessary to repair it.  

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