2 Tips For Soothing Gum Sensitivity After Getting Implant Overdentures

If you are missing a handful of teeth, then your dentist may suggest getting implant overdentures. Implant overdentures support your dentures by using dental implants as their foundation. The installation process involves placing dental implants into your bone. Once your bone heals properly, the dentures are installed on top of these implants. This often makes it easier to chew and speak with the dentures in your mouth because the dental appliance is more secure. When your implant overdentures are installed properly, they can last for a number of years without any issues. However, during the healing process, you may experience gum sensitivity. The gum sensitivity is caused by the surgical opening that is created in your jawbone near your gums Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to help reduce this pain.

Drink Chamomile Tea to Help Reduce Sensitivity

Chamomile is not only good for fighting off bacteria infections, but the herb is frequently used because of its analgesic qualities. The herb has the ability to ease pain throughout the body. When consumed as a herbal tea, chamomile can help to reduce your sensitivity and make your recovery process pain free. A chamomile tea can be created by placing two spoonfuls of dried chamomile into a small pot. Add a slice of lemon and allow the pot to boil. Strain the chamomile from the pot and pour the strained mixture into a cup. Add a spoonful of honey for taste and wait for the tea to cool before drinking. Drink the mixture throughout the day in order to keep your sensitivity away.

Apply Clove Oil to Your Gums

Clove oil is a staple in dental medicine because of its ability to soothe the toughest pains. The oil is commonly applied to toothaches and to extraction sites in order to prevent dry socket. When using the clove oil to reduce gum sensitivity, apply the oil directly to your gums. You can do this by warming up the clove oil in a microwave. Wait for the oil to cool for a few minutes. Dip a clean cloth in the oil and gently apply it to your gum line. Avoid eating or drinking for at least an hour after applying the clove oil. You should begin to notice a difference almost immediately.

Dealing with gum sensitivity while you try to recover from your implant surgery can be painful. Therefore, use these tips to help limit this discomfort the next time you get implant overdentures. A cosmetic dentist, like Ginger Scoggins DDS, can give more helpful information.