5 Questions About Having A Furrowed Tongue

Do you have fissures or deep cracks on your tongue's surface? This is known as a furrowed tongue, or also referred to as a scrotal tongue or fissured tongue. These are 5 questions you may have about this problem.

What Are Signs of Having a Furrowed Tongue?

When you have a furrowed tongue, you'll notice that there are many deep grooves or cracks along the surface. The grooves are what makes it possible for bacteria and food to become stuck in the surface, which is the cause of bad breath. Having bacteria and food trapped in your tongue can also cause irritation, which causes a burning sensation or swelling. In some cases, you might not even know that your tongue is furrowed until it is pointed out by a dentist.

What Causes A Furrowed Tongue?

While there is no known cause for a furrowed tongue, there are some theories. It could potentially be a genetic condition, since it can run in families. There are also some links to skin disease such as psoriasis, as well as Down syndrome. This is one area where more research needs to be done to confirm what causes the condition.

Is A Furrowed Tongue A Serious Issue?

A furrowed tongue is a benign condition, so it isn't serious. Your dentist may consider it as a typical tongue variation, and not any sort of medical condition to be concerned about. The problems associated with a furrowed tongue are not critical, such as bad breath. You may have difficulty eating foods that are spicy, but it's a small complication.

How Should A Furrow Tongue Be Managed?

It will be challenging to keep the grooves of your tongue clean, but you need to do it. Ask your dentist what they recommend doing to clean it, which may be as simple as using a tool to clean your tongue, or to just use your normal toothbrush in the morning and evenings. Another option could be to use antiseptic mouthwash to clean those grooves out.

Are Furrowed Tongues Common?

Within the US, as many as 5% of people have a furrowed tongue, but the problem is more common worldwide. Depending on the region of the world, it can affect up to 30% of the population. Men get it more than women, and it happens more as people get older.

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