Fixing Your Broken Tooth

If you have broken your tooth, you want to take all the appropriate steps to ensure that you can get it fixed so you can put that break behind you. There are different options available when it comes to repairing a broken tooth. However, sometimes the dentist will feel that a same day dental crown will be the best course of treatment. This type of crown is made quickly and will fit right in place, so you won't feel the difference. Learn how to deal with a broken tooth in this article.

Dealing with a broken tooth

As soon as you break your tooth, you want to try to gather the piece that broke off and put it in a baggy to take with you to the dentist. Then, hold ice up to your jaw if you are worried about pain and/or swelling. You can also take an over the counter anti-inflammatory to help reduce pain and swelling. If you are bleeding in your mouth, then you also want to be sure to get the bleeding under control by applying pressure to the area with a clean cloth or sterile gauze.

Then get yourself to the dentist right away. While you may want to pay a visit to your regular dentist, you may have to go to an emergency dentist if you aren't able to see your own dentist immediately. You can always follow up with your own dentist afterward, if you feel better doing so.

Having the tooth fixed

There are several ways the dentist can go about fixing a broken tooth. The treatment option they choose will depend on factors such as the severity of the break, the tooth that suffered the damage, the condition of your teeth, your budget, time constraints, etc.  

The dentist may suggest going with a same day dental crown. This will be great for you, because it will allow you to walk out of their office with a repaired tooth. When you are wearing a same day dental crown, you won't look like you have just suffered damage to your teeth. In fact, people who see you won't even be able to tell the difference between the crown and your other teeth. The crown will be a permanent fixture, so you will care for it just as you would your other teeth. You will eat and speak just as you normally would as well.

For more help with a damaged tooth, contact dentists in your area, like John P Poovey DMD PC.