Want Whiter Teeth? Try These 2 Unexpected Methods

Are you finding that whitening strips end up causing your teeth to be extremely sensitive afterwards? It might be worth looking into an alternative method of teeth whitening that you can do at home. Try one of these 2 methods that you may not have thought of using before.

Oil Pulling Method

The oil pulling method may have an interesting name, but it is actually quite a straightforward teeth whitening method that doesn't require a trip to the dentist. It involves using coconut oil to whiten your teeth using lauric acid, which naturally kills bacteria that is found within plaque. Since the bacteria is what causes your teeth to become stained, it will help your teeth become whiter.

Using this method is quite simple. Every morning before brushing your teeth, you will need to swish a tablespoon of the coconut oil around inside your mouth for approximately 15 minutes. This is what pulls the bacteria off your teeth. When finished, spit the oil out and then rinse out your mouth using water. Then you can brush your teeth like normal.

You won't see immediate results using this method, but it will occur over time.

Activated Charcoal Method

The activated charcoal method works because the powder is highly absorbent, and pulls toxins from the surface of your teeth. To use this method, you'll need half a capsule of some activated charcoal in powder form, water, and a toothbrush.

Open the capsule and pour half its contents into a small cup. Get your toothbrush wet, and dip it into the charcoal. Use the charcoal to brush the visible front teeth surface for about two minutes. Then rinse out your mouth using water. When finished, you can brush your teeth just like normal.

Your natural reaction to using activated charcoal may be that it will cause teeth stains, but this won't happen. The powder easily washes away with water. Just be sure to brush for the necessary amount of time for the powder to work, and know that it could take a couple weeks to see the results.

If you prefer to see instant results from teeth whitening, it is going to require professional help. There are many methods that a dentist can use that will have immediate results that are noticeable when you leave their office. For more info about these methods, meet with your dentist for a consultation or check out the site. They will let you know about the costs and risks of the procedure.