Consult With Your Dentist About New Dental Implants Technology That Can Benefit You

Dental implants have been an option for people who had no access to regular dental care in the past and have lost their teeth through tooth decay. Dental implants technology came along more than a decade ago. Today a number of implant technologies are utilized to get the job done so that you can return to your activities with a great smile. One of the procedures you can have done is called load dental implant technology, and all you have to do is consult with your dentist and request same day implants referred to in the industry as load dental implant technology. Other new dental implant technologies are also available..

What Is An Immediate Load Dental Implant Technology?

You may have lost a tooth and want an immediate load dental implant without much pain involved. Your dentist uses guided surgery to place the implant quickly without making any incisions. Utilizing new technology, your dental surgeon uses guided surgery to place a nanostructured titanium implant, a final abutment and then the replacement teeth. The technology integrates with bone faster because of its strength, and you are less likely to develop an infection following nanostructured surgery. You're not required to be anesthetized for this procedure, which also lessens the risk of gum recession activity. This faster process decreases any disruption in your eating habits or other activities of daily living, and you'll experience less discomfort.

All-On-4 Replacement Teeth

How about your need for an All-on-4 replacement teeth procedure? You can have this choice when you've lost several teeth that requires your dentist to place a full arch, top and bottom set to accommodate replacement teeth. The concept of this replacement surgery is to place the implants in available bone, which negates the use of bone grafting. A final bridge is placed in approximately six months following surgery, and you'll be able to consume a normal diet without any difficulty at that point.

Mini Dental Implant

If you have a complete lower or loose denture, and you're not a candidate for traditional dental implant surgery, new dental implant technology allows you to undergo mini dental implant surgery that corrects the loose denture. Your dentist will secure your complete lower or loose denture. This procedure is less invasive than a regular dental implant operation, and the implant device is less than 3 millimeters in diameter.

All Upper And Lower Teeth Arch

Your dental condition may at some point require a full upper and lower arch replacement. It could be that temporary teeth must be placed while the dental implant integrates with your natural bone to accommodate replacement teeth. Another option is to place abutments on top of the implant to connect the replacement teeth. There is also the option of installing an implant-supported fixed bridge. Your dental surgeon will advise you about which option treatment is best suited for your unique case.