Why Does Your Child Get Canker Sores In Their Mouth?

Has your child had canker sores in their mouth at some point. They are small lesions that form in soft tissues found inside the mouth and along the gums. They are painful, making it hard talk or eat in some situations. Here are some reasons why they can get them.


Everyone has to deal with stress, but it can cause a canker sore to form. Pay attention to when your child notices canker sore, and if the days before it formed were especially stressful. If so, it could be why they formed. Doing things like getting your child physically active can help in reducing stress, especially if it is caused by school.


Injuries to any soft tissue in the mouth can potentially cause a canker sore. This could be from something as innocent as eating a tortilla chip that scratches the inner cheek, or braces that are rubbing against that soft tissue and causing pain. If it was caused by braces, speak to your child's orthodontist about how to prevent these canker sores from forming.  

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

There is an ingredient found in toothpaste known as sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS. It's used because it will cause the toothpaste to foam when your child brushes their teeth, which helps the toothpaste become more abrasive. Unfortunately, this ingredient is known to cause canker sores. Instead of using a toothpaste with SLS, switch their toothpaste to one that doesn't utilize it. Their teeth will be just as clean, but they may have fewer canker sores as a result.

Vitamin Deficiencies

Not getting enough folic acid, zinc, and vitamins in their diet? This can also lead to canker sores in their mouth. Consider giving them supplements to make up for the vitamins they are not getting during the day, and see if that leads to less canker sores.

Food Sensitivities

Make note of the foods that they eat when they get canker sores. Their body may be sensitive to a certain type of food that is causing a reaction that creates canker sores. It's possible that a spicy seasoning, nut, cheese, or even berry can be causing that bad reaction.

While there is no single answer to why canker sores form, know that a dentist, such as those at Lucky Kids Dental, can help. They can provide some insight as to why they could be getting them so frequently. You may be surprised at the insight they can provide about canker sores.