What Should You Do If Your Dentures Break?

The day you get your dentures after having no teeth will be one that marks a new journey in your life. These prosthetic teeth have given many people their smile back over the years, and even though there are more modern teeth replacement options, dentures still remain the most feasible option for many people. While dentures can last a really long time if they are made well, they can also break. Seeing your dentures break can be incredibly disheartening, but there are a few things you can do. Here is a look at some of the things you can do if your dentures accidentally get broken. 

Gather the broken pieces. 

If your dentures break while you are wearing them, carefully pull the pieces out of your mouth, clean them and make sure you have all the broken pieces. If you accidentally drop your teeth and they break, check the floor to ensure you get all the pieces to your dentures. In most cases, the denturist will be able to med the teeth back together instead of making a new set, but in order to do so, they will have to have all the original pieces. 

Determine the severity of the break. 

Once you have all the pieces of your broken dentures, determine the severity of the break. In general, dentures will break in one of three ways. They may:

  • have broken down the center or in half
  • lost a tooth or a few teeth
  • have small chips taken out of the pink "gum" or teeth material

Once you have figured out how your dentures are broken, call your dentist and ask them for advice. Most of the time, they will get you in right away to get your dentures repaired. However, they may also give you recommendations on how you can do a quick DIY repair so you can wear your teeth until you can get in to see them. 

Pick up a denture repair kit if necessary. 

Your dentist may recommend that you pick up a denture repair kit, which you can find at just about any drug store. These kits usually contain a strong adhesive somewhat like super glue that can hold broken pieces in place until you get your dentures professionally repaired. Some even contain an epoxy acrylic material that can be used to bond dentures that have broken in half or are to add filler to rough edges that are present after the break.

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