Preventative Dental Care: Why It Matters When You Have Healthy Teeth

You may think you have healthy teeth. When you do, you may not give credit to the preventative dental care you receive when you see the dentist regularly, but you should.

Just because you brush and floss daily doesn't mean you shouldn't take advantage of preventative dental care services. You should stay on top of your oral health by seeing the dentist on the regular, something over 40% of adults don't do. Here are reasons why preventative dental care still matters when you have healthy teeth. Your dentist will show you the ways you can care for your teeth at home on top of your regular oral health regimen.

You might have underlying issues you cannot see

You may have gum disease or other oral health issues and not even know it. Just because your breath doesn't smell, your gums don't bleed when you brush, and your teeth are not hot- or cold-sensitive, it doesn't mean you don't have any oral health concerns. When you see the dentist, they can administer an oral exam, take X-rays, and check behind your teeth to ensure your smile is as healthy as it should be.

Microscopic cracks and chips in your teeth can lead to future dental concerns, as can germs left behind from brushing and flossing. Regular trips to the dentist can lead to the prevention of dental decay and other oral health concerns, so visit your dentist to learn what preventative dental care measures you should be doing in addition to what you're doing now.

You might be causing more harm to your teeth than you know

Do you brush your teeth with an abrasive agent, like baking soda or other additives, or do you use hydrogen peroxide? Do you use dental floss? Do you drink sugary beverages straight from the glass instead of using a straw? Do you fail to rinse your mouth with water? If you do any of these things, you might be accidentally causing harm to your teeth and not even know it. For example, simply reusing dental floss can cause you to reintroduce the same bacteria to your mouth that you're trying to get rid of. Regular preventative dental care done in the dentist's office will unveil the things you're doing to your smile that can be hurting your teeth. Use preventative dental care services to help you keep your smile great for good.

Contact a dentist for more information about preventative dental care.