4 Common Types Of Denture Damage That Need Repair

Full and partial dentures are important appliances that help people without teeth chew and smile. Dentures can crack if dropped or stored improperly. Since dentures are so expensive, you don't want to throw damaged dentures away if you don't have to. Luckily, denture repair services can take care of many types of damage. Here are four types of denture damage that can be fixed by a professional:

1. Cracks

Dentures can crack for a number of reasons, and not all of them are avoidable. Eating excessively hard food can damage your dentures, but even daily, regular use can cause your dentures to fracture over time. If your dentures develop a crack, you should contact your dentist as soon as you notice it. Timely repair service makes it more likely that your dentures can be saved.

2. Splits

Sometimes cracks are so severe that they completely split your dentures in two. If your dentures are in pieces, your dentist may be able to repair them using a special adhesive. You should never try to glue dentures back together yourself since household glues can damage dentures further, in addition to potentially being toxic.

3. Poor Fit

Dentures are custom-made to fit perfectly in your mouth. This perfect fit is necessary for long-term comfort and safety. Poorly fitting dentures can cause discomfort and abrasions over time. Dentures can sometimes stop fitting properly if they're allowed to dry out or if they are bent out of alignment. Your dentist may be able to repair poorly fitting dentures by realigning them and refitting them to your mouth.

4. Aesthetic Damage

Dentures are made from oral-safe plastic. Like other types of plastic, the acrylic used to create dentures can become stained over time, especially if you enjoy beverages like wine and coffee. These stains can be apparent on the artificial teeth themselves or on the artificial gum line created by your dentures. Dentures cannot be whitened using traditional teeth whitening solutions. If the color of your dentures bothers you, you can bring them to your dentist for restoration. Dentists can use specialized tools and solutions to clean stains from dentures effectively, without causing damage to the materials.

To have the best chance of salvaging your dentures, you should take them to a dentist for repairs as soon as you notice that something is amiss. Avoid wearing damaged dentures since doing so can worsen damage or cause oral injuries. Store your dentures in water until they can be appraised by a dentist.