Are You Flossing Your Rear Molars Properly?

Are you currently brushing and flossing twice a day and doing everything that you feel like you can do to keep your teeth healthy? If so, know that the quality of how you clean your teeth is just as important as the number of times that you do it. When it comes to flossing, many people do not do it properly and end up missing key parts of their mouth. With the hardest part of your teeth to floss being the rear molars, it will help to know some tips for doing the job correctly. 

Don't Open Your Mouth Super Wide

You may think that the best way to floss your rear molars is to open your mouth very wide, but this may not be the best technique. Instead, you will want to open your mouth only slightly. Doing so will actually give your teeth some flexibility so that you can work your fingers back there and get the floss where it is supposed to go. You'll immediately notice that you can work that dental floss between your molars better because there is more room, and you'll do a better job at keeping them clean

Floss With C-Shape Technique

Another issue people run into with their rear molars is using an up and down motion to floss. While this will get the plaque out from between your teeth, it's not doing as good of a job as it could. You'll want to wrap the floss around the molars so that it forms a c-shape. This wraps around the side of the tooth and helps remove plaque that can be hiding along the gum line. While this works great for the side facing the front of your mouth, it can be harder to use the same technique on the opposite side of your face near the rear of your mouth. Be sure you are working it correctly in order to get all of it off properly.

Use Flossing Alternatives

If you are struggling to reach those rear molars, it may be worth using a flossing alternative to get that part of your mouth clean. Using a water flosser, floss pick, or another alternative flossing tool may be what you need to get your mouth clean. While these alternatives are not as easy and ideal as using traditional dental floss, if it can get the gaps cleaner than what you are able to use with the normal methods, it will be worth it.

Reach out to a local dentist to learn more tips about flossing your rear molars.