Way A Kids Orthodontist Can Help A Child Who Has Bad Eating Habits

Visiting an orthodontist for the first time is often a challenging prospect for many children, especially if they have bad eating habits. Poor chewing and eating behavior can worsen a child's orthodontic health and complicate their normal treatment process. As a result, it is important to take the child to these professionals and help them understand what an orthodontist can do for them.

Ways a Kids Orthodontist Helps a Child With Poor Eating Habits

Children with bad eating habits may eat excessive sugar and other unhealthy foods that cause plaque and decay to spread rampantly throughout their mouths. This decay can worsen already existing orthodontic problems, such as misplaced teeth to worsen their position in a mouth further. A kids orthodontist can help minimize these risks by providing strong orthodontic care that can help correct these issues. For example, they can: 

  • Check for Orthodontic Concerns: Orthodontists can spot things like crooked teeth early in a child's life and diagnose what may be causing it. For instance, they may check a parent's orthodontic history to see if they had concerns and gauge how poor eating habits affect these issues further.
  • Fit a Child for Braces: Orthodontists can then fit a child for braces based on their current dental health. This fitting process includes taking molds of their teeth to gauge exactly what process may be necessary for correction.
  • Adjust the Braces: During a child's orthodontic care, orthodontists can adjust their braces as needed. For example, they can tighten them if the child needs more correction or loosen them to minimize strain on their teeth.

It is important for parents to support the orthodontist by working with them on these steps. For example, they can talk with their child about proper care of their braces and model better eating habits. This may include avoiding foods that could damage braces, such as very chewy foods or hard snacks that could crack their braces.

When to Get Expert Help

Parents should take their child to an orthodontist when the little one feels excessive pain while chewing, or obviously, if crooked teeth appear in their mouth as they grow. If a child gets fit with braces, regular visits to the orthodontist are essential to ensure that their care remains strong. For instance, a follow-up visit can spot how well the braces are working and make adjustments, if necessary. It can also help the orthodontist work with the parent on correcting poor eating habits, such as finding healthy replacement foods for unhealthy snacks.