Struggling With The Idea Of Dentures? Helpful Info To Make The Right Decision

If your dentist has suggested that it is time to consider dentures, first know that you are not alone. According to recent statistics, nearly 41 million Americans report denture usage. Even when denture use is so prevalent, many people still continue to struggle with the idea of replacing some or all of their teeth with dentures. Some of the most commonly noted reasons that men and women seem to dread the thought of wearing dentures include concerns about how the dentures will look and whether they will make it difficult to eat, drink, talk or even kiss their loved ones.

When dentures are made from quality materials and carefully fitted to the patient, however, common fears like these are unfounded. Even better, dentures can offer some very clear benefits for the wearer.  

Support for facial structure

An important benefit that new denture wearers will quickly see is the improved support for the structure of their facial bones and muscles. When natural teeth are lost and not quickly replaced, their loss results in a lack of facial support. The remaining teeth can become misaligned, cheeks begin to sag, wrinkles become more noticeable and even risks of serious joint problems, like temporomandibular disorder (TMD), can become much more probable.  

Support for proper nutrition

Proper mastication is necessary to allow the body to receive full benefit from the food that is eaten. When teeth are missing or damaged, the act of chewing to masticate food can become difficult or painful to do. This can lead to the avoidance of many healthy foods that require chewing, including many types of fruit, vegetables, and meat. Those who need dentures to chew properly but procrastinate in getting them may find themselves choosing less healthy foods when hungry, such as pastries or sandwiches, just to avoid painful chewing issues. As time goes by, the act of avoiding healthy food due to the lack of dentures can result in a lack of healthy nutrition that can quickly lead to unhealthy weight gain and many other illnesses and conditions. 

Support for better emotional health

Those in need of dentures also tend to begin avoiding social events or spending time with close friends due to concerns about the condition of their teeth. Over time, this lack of socialization can result in serious emotional health issues. If you feel that dentures could be beneficial to both your physical and emotional health, you owe it to yourself to have an honest conversation about dentures with a local dental health provider — such as Pioneer Denture Clinic — as soon as possible.