How A Single Dental Implant Procedure Is Performed

A dental implant procedure is occasionally sought for the replacement of a single tooth. The dental implant procedure is conducted over the course of several dental appointments. Learn what to expect if you decide to have an implant procedure performed. 

An Implant

A titanium rod and a crown are the two parts of a dental implant. The rod is installed under the gum line. It is designed to fuse with the natural bone that is under the gums. The crown is the protrusion that is designed to look like a natural tooth. Impressions are made, which will ensure that a crown looks as natural as the teeth that will be surrounding it. Dental implants are designed for long-term use. They will support one's ability to speak clearly and chew food.

The Preliminaries

The first phase of the implant procedure will require a dental provider to install a titanium rod. The installation of the rod will require a surgical procedure to be performed. A dentist will advise a patient to use an antimicrobial product to rinse their mouth on the days leading up to the dental procedure. They may prescribe an antibiotic for the patient to take. The antibiotic will combat infections. These preliminary steps will be discussed at length during a consultation with the oral surgeon who will be installing the rod.

The Procedure

An oral surgeon will need to cut through the gum line. They will use a numbing agent to ensure that a patient does not experience discomfort while the surgical procedure is underway. Once the titanium rod is installed, the oral surgeon will stitch up the gum line. They will provide a patient with a timeframe in which they will need to wait for their mouth to heal.

The Crown Production

An oral surgeon will set up a secondary appointment to examine a patient's mouth. If their mouth has healed, they will take images of their teeth. These images will assist with manufacturing a crown that will look natural and that will be properly shaped and sized.

The Installation

The last appointment that a patient will need to undergo will involve the installation of the crown. The crown will be designed to be screwed onto the titanium rod. An oral surgeon will carefully conduct the installation process. Once the appointment concludes, the oral surgeon will provide the patient with some aftercare instructions that will help them maintain the condition of the dental implant.

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