When One Stubbornly Yellow Tooth Refuses To Whiten

At-home teeth whitening systems can be quite effective if your teeth are in reasonably good health. As long as your tooth enamel hasn't deteriorated, your plaque and tartar is under control, and you don't have any untreated cavities, you'll (hopefully) be pleased with the results. But sometimes you don't know that your teeth aren't in such good health until your teeth whitening attempts lead to unsatisfying results—like one yellow tooth that refuses to whiten. Read More 

Preparing For Your Root Canal Procedure

Depending on the type of damage that your tooth has suffered, a root canal procedure may be necessary to avoid the loss of the tooth. While this is an important procedure to have done, it is something that many patients will overestimate in terms of the severity or complexity of this routine dental procedure. Root Canals May Require Two Visits To The Dentist  One of the realities of a root canal procedure is that it may require a patient to go to the dentist multiple times. Read More