3 Symptoms That Indicate You May Be Dealing With Occlusal Disease

Although more and more people are becoming educated about dental issues like cavities and gingivitis, occlusal disease remains relatively unknown. Unfortunately, this means that many people fail to recognize the signs that they may be suffering from this issue. If you would like to improve your knowledge about dental disorders and complaints, read on. This article will present three symptoms that may be indicative of occlusal disease. A Brief Word About Occlusion Read More 

Grin For The Win: 3 Life Moments To Choose Teeth Whitening At The Dentist’s Office

It's always attractive and confidence-building to have great looking teeth that glow with good health. But there are three moments in life when there's extra encouragement to put your best grin forward: You're attending a reunion High school, family and college reunions are joyful occasions to remember the past and catch up with those you hold dear. Having a dental cleaning and whitening procedure done gives you self-assurance when you open your mouth to speak to long-lost family members and old classmates and lets you look your best for the inevitable photographs and social media posts. Read More 

A Few Tips For Those That Have Had A Tooth Knocked Out

When many people think of dental problems, they may imagine cavities and gum disease. However, it is an unfortunate reality that you can have teeth knocked out or loosened. If this occurs, you may not be familiar with the steps that you should take. By learning the following few tips, you will be better prepared to address this problem if it were to arise. Keep The Tooth If It Is Possible Read More 

3 Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

White teeth can make you feel better about your appearance. However, teeth can become discolored due to your consumption of heavily pigmented drinks and foods. Tea, coffee and dark fruits, such as raspberries and blackberries, can cause your teeth to yellow. As foods and beverages rest in your mouth, the pigments that give them color can be absorbed into the pores of the teeth. As these pigments build up, the teeth become more discolored. Read More 

3 Powerful Truths About Laser Dentistry

Do the thoughts of a dentist drilling or cutting into your mouth with metal dental equipment make you uneasy? If so, you may have avoided going to the dentist a few times, which can be detrimental to your overall dental health. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with innovative technology such as laser dentistry and how it can be used to perform a variety of dental procedures. Precision If you are fearful of surgical dental procedures, perhaps it is related to a bad experience from the past. Read More