Getting Professional Teeth Whitening? Know How It’s Done

Do you have an appointment for professional teeth whitening with your dentist, but you are a bit nervous about having the procedure done? If so, it helps to know what to expect with professional teeth whitening.  Preparation Your dentist will start by applying vitamin E to your lips. The purpose of using vitamin E is to help prevent your lips from dehydrating during the treatment. Essentially your dentist doesn't want you to leave the appointment with cracked lips that take time to heal, when a little vitamin E will prevent it from happening. Read More 

Preventative Dental Care: Why It Matters When You Have Healthy Teeth

You may think you have healthy teeth. When you do, you may not give credit to the preventative dental care you receive when you see the dentist regularly, but you should. Just because you brush and floss daily doesn't mean you shouldn't take advantage of preventative dental care services. You should stay on top of your oral health by seeing the dentist on the regular, something over 40% of adults don't do. Read More