Avoid Bad Breath While Using Invisalign

Many people who need their gaps closed, an underbite or overbite repaired, or crowded teeth spaced properly choose clear aligners, such as Invisalign, instead of the traditional metal braces. Since the aligners have a snug fit and cover your teeth fully, halitosis can be a problem if you don't practice the correct oral hygiene. Causes of Halitosis When Wearing the Aligners Bits of food get stuck between your teeth when you eat. Read More 

3 Terrible Oral Health Conditions You May Not Know You Have

If you have been putting off going to the dentist for years you may shocked to discover you have developed chronic oral health conditions that need immediate treatment. Routine cleanings are necessary, but even people who brush and floss every day need to have their teeth examined. You could end up with oral health problems because of heredity, or because of the different products you're using. Here are three important reasons to get to the dentist right away. Read More 

3 Everyday Ways To Improve Your Oral Health

Taking care of your oral health helps to boost your overall health and sense of wellness. Further, taking care of your oral health helps to ensure that you have a beautiful smile supported by healthy gums, and you do not have to worry about having rampant bad breath due to an oral infection. Going to the dentist twice a year for checkups and cleanings helps you to maintain good oral health. Read More 

Brightening Your Teeth with Items Found in the Home

If you feel your teeth are not as white as they can be, due to staining from coffee, tea, or smoking cigarettes, you may be able to brighten them using items you already have within your home. Most people will take a trip to their dentist to see what whitening methods are available in more severe cases. If your teeth have slight staining, some of the following methods may be beneficial in making your teeth appear white once again. Read More 

The Strategy Of Whitening Teeth With Activated Charcoal

Is it possible that charcoal -- that black material used in barbecue grills -- can actually whiten teeth? Actually, it's a substance known as activated charcoal that people are using for this purpose. Consult a dentist before giving it a try: About Activated Charcoal Activated charcoal is a purified form of charcoal used in alternative and conventional medicine. It absorbs toxins in the digestive system and carries them out of the body in the waste elimination process. Read More