Dental Exams Detect Gardner Syndrome (Colon Disease)

Although it's a colon disease, your dentist may be the first to suspect Gardner syndrome based on the findings of a routine dental exam or dental x-rays. Symptoms typically include impacted (unerupted) teeth, missing teeth, extra teeth, or osteomas (benign tumors) in the jaw or other craniofacial bones. About 30 percent of individuals diagnosed with Gardner syndrome have one or more of these dental abnormalities. About Gardner Syndrome Gardner syndrome is a rare disorder that causes polyps to develop in the lining of the colon and throughout the small intestine. Read More 

Toothache Care And Determining Whether Yours Is A Dental Emergency

A toothache can be a frightening experience for people who have never had them especially if they have no idea why their teeth suddenly started to hurt. The first response you might have is going to the dentist immediately, but not all toothaches are dental emergencies. This is why it makes sense to know whether your is, and if it is not, you need to know what you can do to relieve the pain until you can get to the dentist: Read More 

Metal Braces For Crooked Teeth: Why They Are Ideal If You Are A Good Candidate

Crooked teeth can be a pain to chew with, but they can also cause the enamel to chip off from improper alignment when biting. Fixing the problem can be done with metal braces if the crooked teeth are not too severe. Find out why you should visit an orthodontist to determine if your condition is ideal for braces and how much they cost. Why Might Metal Braces Be Ideal for Crooked Teeth? Read More 

How You Can Protect Your Child’s Oral Health

Tooth decay is a major source of concern for many parents with children under 5 years, as more and more kids are losing their teeth or getting adversely affected by the disease. It is therefore very important that parents learn how to ensure their children's teeth are strong enough to resist tooth decay, cavities and other periodontal diseases now and in the future. Much depends on the oral hygiene habits you teach your children and what you feed them from an early age. Read More 

3 Major Health Benefits Of Having Straight Teeth

When most people get braces they do so because they want a more beautiful and confident smile. What very few orthodontic patients realize, however, is that having straight teeth can bring forth a number of health benefits as well. If you've been considering braces as a purely cosmetic option, perhaps understanding these health benefits will help you look at getting braces in a new light. Easier Cleaning When your teeth are straight, they're easier for you (and your dentist) to adequately clean. Read More