Things You Should Know About Whitening Your Teeth

The color of your teeth will be one of the features of your face that will be extremely noticeable when you smile. unfortunately, stains on your teeth can cause them to become discolored and unsightly. When you are wanting to correct the types of cosmetic problems caused by dental stains, you will need to consider utilizing a teeth whitening procedure. Are Professional Whitening Procedures More Effective Than Home Kits? While there are many home-based whitening kits that individuals can use, these kits will be extremely limited in the results that they can provide. Read More 

Think Your Gums Are Sensitive During Your Period? It’s Not In Your Head

Periods aren't fun for any woman. Between the cramping, bleeding, and hormonal and emotional shifts, it's not a party. Unfortunately, the pain one feels during their period isn't limited simply to the back and torso. If you've noticed a correlation between how your gums feel and your period hitting, you should know that it's not your imagination. The two are indeed linked, but the good news is, you can reduce the discomfort and swelling of your gums. Read More 

Don’t Let The Holidays Turn Into Cavity Season: How To Keep Your Kids Teeth Healthy During The Holidays

Now that the holiday season is in full-swing, you've got to keep an eye on your kids teeth. Between all the candy they got on Halloween and all the sweet treats they'll eat throughout the remainder of the holidays, you're looking at a recipe for cavities and tooth decay. Luckily, you don't need to cancel out all the sweet treats. You just need to add some precautionary steps to your holidays. Read More 

3 Questions Answered About Corrective Jaw Surgery

If you've experienced issues with your jaw, your doctor may recommend you have corrective jaw surgery. Doing so can alleviate any pain and discomfort you're having with this part of your face. However, you will want to be well-informed about this process to feel secure when having it. Getting your inquiries answered before you schedule your operation can be helpful to you. Question #1: Why is this operation recommended? There are several reasons to see your medical provider about this condition. Read More 

Don’t Harm Your Teeth

You can be harming your teeth without even knowing that you are doing anything wrong. You can make it to all your dental exams, take proper care of your teeth with a good regimen every day and make a conscious effort to eat good foods and protect them. Then, you can accidentally make mistakes that end up causing problems that you would have never expected. Here are some surprising ways you can be hurting your teeth: Read More